Picked up a 2009 ttr125 that was blowing blue really bad, turns out it was bored too big for the new piston. So i just tossed a BBR 150 kit in it. Along with picking up a yz85 and using the forks.
have a 17.5 pilot and 110 main but was bogging so i put in a 117.5 and it was better but theres still a big bog on the top end even after playing with the mixture screw. cleaned up the yz85 carb and tossed it on just to see what it would do. Bike runs way better instant power and revs way quicker.

should I try and jet the stock carb better or jet the 85 carb ? or just buy a yz80 mikuni round slide?

still undecided about the swing arm swap. it seems worth it because a spring for the yz shock is cheaper than a spring and chain guide for the ttr plus you get the disk of course.

going to be getting the flywheel machined in the next week or so and hopefully get the carb issues sorted out.

and what spings are people running in thier 85 forks im 195 lbs.

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