hey guys.i searched and couldn't find anything similar so I decided to make a new topic. so I bought a 110 about a month ago, it has a bbr super pro swingarm with the stock rear wheel. I purchased a ktm65 65sx parts bike, and am going to transfer the front end over to the 110 once the new springs come in. while trying to figure out how to get a rear disc set up, I've been trying to see all my options. the 65sx rear disc set up seems nice, but i have to have a mount fabricated for the master cylinder. while looking at BBR's website, I decided to look at there rear disc option that only cost a mere $600!!!!, but on top of that I think it's a single piston caliper when the ktm is dual piston. I already have a bbr rear brake pedal for the stock brake assembly, but after studying there pics on there website I saw how my brake pedal has an adapter to make it work with there hydraulic setup. it's just two bolts on the pedal assembly and it allows it to mount to the plunger for a master cylinder. they also make an adapter/spacer that mounts to the stock frame with any fabrication for there master cylinder.

so my question is, does anyone here have the measurements for BBR's master cylinder (center of bolt, to the center of the other bolt, the 2 bolts that hold the rear master cylinder? I'm pretty sure I can buy certain pieces from there kit to make mounting my 65sx rear brake up easier, I know the wheel, and caliper bolt up pretty easy. it's just trying to figure out how to mount the master cylinder and pedal. if I can make this work as a bolt on I would be quite happy. thanks alot.