I have a 08 I bought from a guy that had stripped the spark plug hole out. Removed the head tapped it from the inside out got the right plug and now it's fixed. Ran like crap. Takes for ever to crank have to leave the gas turned off cause it leaks like crazy out the carb. I bought a carb rebuild kit and still not resolved. Here are the issues takes for her to crank. Will only run on full choke. Doesn't seem to have any power, obviously the choke is on. I have cleaned the carb the best I can. Also leaks oil out of the clutch side. My fault I'm sure from when I pulled the head to tape it. Imagine it's the original gasket from 08 and needs to be replaced. I planned to do A 143 kit with new carb. Started looking at mod engines already built for sale and I just can't seem to find one before it sales. So now I'm back to fixing this one I guess. Does this sound like a carb issue or something in the bottom end. Also it being a 08 should I put a hd output shaft in?

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