Hey guys,

I recently picked up a KLX 110 with a 155 stroker motor, Takegawa bottom end, manual clutch and a bunch of other upgrades. I'm having an issue with the kick starter and I don't know what to do next. I wanted to see if anyone else had a similar issue and what they did to fix it.

I kicked it the other day and the kickstarter started spinning freely with no compression or anything like that after one kick. I pulled off the clutch cover and saw that the kickstart gear looked fine, but the c-clip / snap ring that holds it on had backed off its slot and was pushed along the kick start shaft towards the cover. It seemed the kick start gear was sliding towards the outer cover without the cir-clip to hold it in place and was disengaging from the motor. So if I leaned the bike to the right the kickstart would spin freely, but if I leaned the bike to the left the kickstart gear would slide back and turn the motor over again. So I put the snap ring back in its slot and reassembled it. The kick starter worked for a few kicks and then had the same issue happen. Cir-clip popped off once again. I put it back in, reassembled, and ground down the peg bracket to ensure the kickstarter wasnt getting caught by it or pushed in/out by it as I was kicking it. It worked for a few more kicks then the circlip popped off again.

I'm thinking the circlip might just be stretched out now and ordering a new one could potentially fix the issue. If that doesnt work Ive thought about grinding out the snap ring slot and using a deeper snap ring, or perhaps welding a flange around the snap ring slot so the gear cant back off. The bike will still bump start fine, but with so much compression in the motor it isn't the easiest task. I'd rather have a working kickstarter to make starting easier in deep sand.

Please let me know what you guys think and if anyone has had this issue before. I looked on google for a while, but couldn't find too much info about it.