I Rode Boondoxx Motocross last weekend. The new Owner is awesome. Very nice guy! Has put tons of work in out there. 2 Huge new tracks one is .6 miles and the other is .9. and also the intermediate track is a blast. Birms, tables, step ups, whoops, everything for every rider level and size bike..

He asked me to get 8-10(or even more is better) guys to come out Sunday the (13th). He wants to shoot a pit bike video to promote the scene and show that they welcome pit bike riders and are willing to contribute to us. He would like to build us a track also, not a temp one. One to keep for us piddy riders. All he said was he needs us to get out there and ride and help design it and he will build it...

So who is in to ride out at Boondoxx MX Sunday?