Hey I know its a long shot asking for snowboard stuff on here but I'm running out of Ideas where to look for these. Since they came out back in 2002.

Skip that step ins suck and all that lol, I just like the step ins cuz its a real sturdy boot and I shattered my heel racing and well these are the only ones that seem to help. Plus my Back is wrecked and the less I have to bend down to strap in the better.

I'm looking for sizes between 9u.s. to 10.5u.s. Preferably Vans Flyaways, not sure if any other company's manufactured them. If you know them please share.

Any info on who may have some or who to email actually any information at all it would be greatly appreciated. Hope to get some reply's these almost seem impossible to find. I have money order pay-pal what ever you need ready. If you can post photos, let me see what you have. Also if you have the matching bindings and don't want to part the two I am willing to negotiate.

Thank you for your time hope to see some posts or some clues where to look.

thanks again


heres a photo of what they look like.