Your ignition system is inspiring me. I have XR200, and CRF230 engines and even a Hybrid engine with CRF crank and top end on XR 6 speed kickstart cases. All of these could benefit from a nice light crank trigger ignition. I use these for trail riding, not MX so the inner rotor kit goes too far with removing flywheel weight. I found another system using a small outer rotor from T-Bolt USA that looks like a good compromise. I don't have enough posts to include links.

I would like multiple maps but can't find anything except the overpriced 10 map Tokyomods unit. I would also like to be able to use the many aftermarket CDI boxes available. The Pro com unit is afavorite of the 230 crowd.

My question is regarding flywheel taper compatibility. I'm assuming you used a 50cc pitbike inner rotor kit, did the rotor fit the stock XR crank? Unfortunately, the CRF cranks use a slightly larger taper but I may be able to machine out the bore if there is enough material?

Im still looking for an aluminum kickstart lever. My BBR framed bike with full sized wheels is right around 180 lbs now.