Vendors of Planetminis -

We are happy to have you here selling products and services in the forums and appreciate your support of this online community.

Lately, there has been an outbreak of vendors bashing other vendors, vendors bashing members and members bashing vendors.

This type of activity is completely unacceptable and is causing a huge rift in the forums. While I understand you pay to advertise your products and services here in the forums, you do not pay for the right to bash other vendors and their products, and you do not pay to have other members bashing you. If a member gets out of line on a consistant basis, we make no hesitation to get rid of the problem on a case by case basis but dealing with vendors is a more complex issue.

Rather then handle this with every vendor privately, this is going to be handled with one blanket public statement to all vendors as the same guidelines apply to all, with only a few creating the issues being caused.

As a vendor, there is absolutely no reason to post in another vendor's thread or a member thread discussing another vendor's product for the sole purpose of discounting or discrediting the other vendor.

The vendors should be selling their products based upon the performance and merits of their own services and deliverables and not by bashing somebody elses products and deliverables. In Fact, vendors technically aren't supposed to be selling in member areas outside of the vendor area anyway...

If you feel another vendor is making a fraudulent claim, discuss offline with the other vendor and keep it off the forums. If a resolution cannot be made, use one of the moderation staff to mediate the arguement.

If the negative vendor activity continues, vendors will be removed from the forums on a case by case basis, some permanent, and some temporarily based upon the situation at hand.

PM is meant to be a friendly place for all parties involved and if we have to weed out members and vendors to get to the proverbial happy place, we won't hesitate to do it.

I'll leave this open for vendor discussion and any vendors wish to speak their mind on the topic, feel free to do so. Vendors only please.